The Student Grants Program

Student Grants & Scholarships

Student Grants & Student Scholarships

The Student Grants program is a grant/scholarship funding opportunity for students worldwide.

The goal of the program is to support students financially via donations of student grants/student scholarships. If you are a student enrolled a higher education institution (college, university, business school, etc.) you can apply online for a € 1000 student grant (also known as a student scholarship).

There is a new donation every month. Next application deadline is on 1 November!

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Apply online for a Student Grant – Click Here!


Latest Student Grant recipient

The latest student to receive a grant is Mark Richard Kennedy from London, England. See the previous grant recipients here

The next grant application deadline is on 1 November. APPLY ONLINE HERE! 


Please note:
The program has a small €2,5 application fee.
 The reason is that we want to make sure that only eligible students apply for a grant. Also, the application fee covers the administrative costs managing the program, secures a high level of service and help promote the student grant and student scholarship program.


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