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What are College Scholarships?

College scholarships can be both private and public. Several countries provide college students with a government financed college scholarship. Also, most college students can apply for a college scholarship from private funds. The CasaSwap Student Grants Program is sponsored and financed by – the world’s leading student roommate and student accommodation service. Our program is a private college scholarship program.

College students typically use a college scholarship to buy books, pay for tuition, cover living expenses, traveling costs when going abroad, pay for utilities, etc. Our college scholarship can be spent on what ever you want – it’s entirely up to you! However, it’s important that you spend some time writing a good, honest motivation for applying for this college scholarship: we choose each recipient based on the quality of the individual application.

Regarding the size of a college scholarship, this also varies quite a lot. A few scholarships are very generous, but also very difficult to obtain. Most college scholarships are more modest, which means that each college student have to apply for more scholarships.

If you want to apply for a college scholarship from The CasaSwap Student Grants Program, you can do so online right here. It’s easy and fast, but remember to write a good motivation. You could be the next recipient of a €1000 college scholarship!