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What is The Student Grants Program?

The Student Grants Program is a non-profit scholarship and grant fund focused on supporting students financially. We do this by donating a €1000 student grant every month!

It is a well-known fact that student life is often characterized by limited financial resources – the Student Grants Program supports students from all over the world with a one-time €1000 grant. Students receiving a grant typically spend it on covering tuition, academic books and materials, travel expenses when going abroad, rent, utility bills, etc. However, you can spend the grant on whatever you want!

Who is behind Student Grants?

The Student Grants Program is sponsored and financed by – a free worldwide roommate and student housing service. has grown to become a leading and widely acknowledged partner to many higher learning institutions worldwide. Some of the revenues from is used to fund the monthly grant donations in order to give something back to the student community.

Who can apply for a Student Grant?

Students enrolled in a higher educational institution (college, university, business school, etc.) anywhere in the world and student who have been accepted into one such higher education institution. We evaluate student grant applications on an ongoing basis. There is a small €2,5 application fee in order to handle applications and manage the grant program.

How do you choose the students receiving a grant?

We choose the student applicants with the best motivation for applying – therefore we recommend that you spend time on writing a good motivation when applying.

When do I apply?

You have to apply before the first of every month (for instance, if you want to apply for the grant in August, you have to apply before 1 August. We normally announce the student receiving a grant about 1-2 weeks after the deadline. The students who receive a Student Grant will be contacted directly and published on the website, under Student Grant Recipients


Where do I apply?

You can apply online here

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