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Some of the previous students to receive a €1000 Student Grant:


The latest recipient of a €1000 Student Grant (sponsored by – worldwide roommate & student housing) is Daniela Dueñas Marquez from Guadalajara, Mexico. She is currently studying at the university and is going to Madrid, Spain as part of her Masters degree.

Daniela says: “So thrilled to get this grant – it’s a big help for me since living in Madrid is not cheap and it is difficult getting grants these days. Thank you very much for this grant!”

You can apply for the current student grant round of September (deadline 1 October) right here!


It’s a pleasure to announce the Student Grant recipient of July 2013: Luke Richardson has been chosen as the grant recipient! We hope this grant will help Luke in his studies.

Luke says: “I am absolutely thrilled about being picked as the recipient for the Student Grant for July 2013. It was a huge surprise and the €1000 will help me greatly with my Masters thesis project. I am very grateful to be chosen and would recommend students of all academic disciplines to apply. Thank you!’

If you want to apply for a grant you can apply online for a student grant right here (the next application deadline is 1 October 2013).



The latest student to receive a €1000 Student Grant is Peggy Adamu from Vienna, Austria. Peggy is currently studying at The University of Vienna and will be going to New York City and study at New York University.

Peggy says: “I’ve got the opportunity to study in the US and while I feel humbled and grateful, tuition is very challenging to come up with completely by myself. Therefore, being able to use this grant is very helpful. Thank you Student Grant, I appreciate it!”



We have the great pleasure of announcing the recipient of a €1000 Student Grant for the month of May: Marie Susanna Michaelis from Berlin, Germany is going to study in London.

Marie says:

“I am really happy about being chosen as the recipient for the Student Grant for the month of May 2013! To be honest, I didn’t expect that to happen at all. €1000 is really a lot of money! I am deeply grateful and I want to encourage each student to take this great chance and apply for the Student Grant!”

Want to apply for a grant? You can apply for a student grant right here



The student receiving a €1000 student grant is Anna Azevedo Ferreira from São Paulo, Brazil. Anna is currently studying business at the university and says:

“I am so happy to hear about receiving this grant. Every student knows it’s expensive for sure, so we need all the financial support we can get. Thank you very much for this initiative!”



It is a great pleasure to announce the latest recipient of a €1000 Student Grant: Stine Skov from Denmark has received a grant.

Stine is currently finishing her Masters Degree from the University of Aalborg in Denmark. Here is what Stine says about receiving the grant:

I want to thank the Student Grant Programme for supporting my research trip to Bhutan. I am currently writing my Master thesis in Bhutan where I am doing research in the area of female participation in politics. The country is the youngest democracy in the world and will have its second Governmental elections in April 2013, so it is indeed a very exciting time to be in Bhutan. I am grateful to get a scholarship for this purpose.



The recipient of a €1000 Student Grant for the month of March is Pinar Akcayoz De Neve from Ankara, Turkey.

Pinar is currently a MPA student at Harvard University – Kennedy School of Government. Here is what Pinar says about receiving a student grant:

I am grateful to the Student Grants Program for supporting my field trip to work on a real-world infrastructure project abroad. The grant will enable me to analyze the project in its original setting, which will in turn help me to develop and deliver feasible recommendations to it.



Another student in financial need has received a €1000 Student Grant: Eva Karlsson from Stockholm, Sweden. Eva is an english major and will be going abroad to study in London, England this semester.

Eva says:

“I’m really thrilled to learn about receiving the Student Grant – it’s surely a big help and a positive boost in my budget. Thank you very much! :-)

Best of luck, Eva!

Do you want to apply for a €1000 Student Grant? Apply online – click here!



It’s a pleasure to announce the student grant recipient of the month of December: Christian Schiffer from Munich, Germany.

Christian is a business student and will (hopefully!) graduate in 2 years. Here is what Christian has to say:

“Getting this grant is a big help and will surely make my life as a student a little easier this semester. As every student knows, book costs, tuition fees and general living expenses are high and I need all the help I can get. Getting a €1000 Student Grant is a big help, thanks!”

We wish Christian all the best with his studies.

You can apply online for a €1000 Student Grant right here



The recipient of the November 2012 Student Grant is Christina Lyhne from Denmark.

My name is Christina Lyhne, and I’m a student part-time at an animal hospital and part-time at school. In the spring of 2013 we are having an exchange program with students of the same education in Florida, USA. We are going to go live there for 2 weeks and go to school with them, and then they are coming to visit us in Denmark for 2 weeks and go to work with us. I’m so happy Student Grants financially helps me make this happen. It’s a huge help! Thank you… :-)


The receiving student of the OCTOBER 2012 Student Grant is Sarah Mastel from The United States.

Thanks to this grant I will be able to afford airfare and travel insurance for my semester in Scotland this spring. I have never had the opportunity to leave the US; I can count on one hand the number of states I have been in, and I desperately wish to go experience more of the world. I hope to gain a deeper understanding of myself and my place in the world as well as a broader perspective on global issues—a new angle from which to look at things, if you will. Both of these things are, I think, vital to higher education, and this experience will help me to develop them in a way I could not at home. I am deeply appreciative of the student grant program—thank you

Congratulations, Sarah! Best of luck with your semester in Scotland!

Are you interested in applying for a €1000 Student Grant? Apply online – click here! 


The receiving student of the SEPTEMBER 2012 Student Grant is Mateja Petelin from The Netherlands.

Mateja says:

I am very happy about the student grant. Thank you so much!!! I am studying classical singing at the Royal Conservatory the Hague and for me it is very important to be “updated” in this field.



The receiving student of the AUGUST 2012 Student Grant is Stefani Bozadzhieva from Bulgaria.

On the picture I am with my family. We love going on sports games.Winning a student grant is extremely important for me as it will give me the opportunity to develop my hobbies such as sports and studying new languages. I intend to spend the money from the grant on studying Dutch. I encourage everybody to apply for this and other grants as they provide exclusive and amazing opportunities.

Best of luck, Stefani! We hope the grant helps!



The receiving student of the July 2012 Student Grant is Astrisia Artanti from Indonesia.

The Student Grant program support me to book my travel ticket from Indonesia to Netherlands which is quite costly. This grant, unlike many other, support student to fulfill their own needs related with their education. Like practice makes you perfect, I give my best with apply more than once for this grant, even for several periods of grant. And it works! I got the June Grant because I kept trying and believing that this grant will comes true :)



I’m starting off my MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at Amsterdam University (Netherlands) in September. I hope to succeed in this program and to continue my training in upcoming fields at a PhD level. Cognitive science is a young and developing field and will present, in the near future, exciting and important discoveries.

For a young psychologist from Santiago, Chile being able to study abroad in a cutting edge field is an opportunity of a lifetime and any financial support is highly appreciated.

For me, Student Grants represents the first step on the path to academic and scientific development. The competition for scholarships has become increasingly difficult each year with more new and promising students that are branching out into different fields and disciplines; Student Grants, unlike many other scholarships, has maintained support for different students even in a difficult world economic climate.

Thank you Student Grants.



It’s a pleasure to announce the latest student to receive a €1000 Student Grant: Marten Lohstroh from University of Amsterdam. Marten is going to University of California, Berkeley (USA), on a 9-month internship as part of his thesis.

Marten Lohstroh says:

“My internship is at University of California, Berkeley (USA), where I will spend 9 months to write my thesis in partial fulfillment of the 2-year MSc program Grid Computing at University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). In recent years many scholarships and student grants have been discontinued, which makes it very difficult to raise funds for studying abroad. With your initiative, students like me that are not eligible for any other grants, still have a chance to get some financial support. Thank you so much!”

Good luck with your stay in California, Marten!




The student receiving a grant in April has been found: A big congratulations to Maja Whitta Andersen from Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark. Maja will be spending the grant on going to Baruch College in New York City.

Here is what Maja says about receiving a Student Grant:

“I’m sure living in New York will be fantastic, but unfortunately also expensive – so I need all the support I can get! Receiving a Student Grant is a great help and has made an expensive stay a little easier”





The latest student to receive a €1000 Student Grant is Klaas-Jan Gunnink from University of Twente in The Netherlands. Klaas-Jan is going to Cape Town, South Africa. Congratulations to Klaas-Jan!

Klaas-Jan says:

“For my study, Mechanical Engineering, I’ll go to Cape Town, South Africa, to do my internship. This student grant helps me to finance this great time abroad!”



The latest receiving student of a €1000 CasaSwap Student Grant is: James Depasquale from Melbourne, Australia. James studies at RMIT in Melbourne and will be studying abroad at Utrecht University in The Netherlands. A big congratulations to James!

James says:

“Coming from the opposite side of the world, the set up cost for living in Europe are huge. The CasaSwap Grant will mean a lot in helping me to find my feet and establishing a new home in Utrecht.”

We wish James all the best with his study abroad adventure in Utrecht!



We have found the latest student to receive of a €1000 CasaSwap Student Grant: The student is Hendrik Van Dijk from Amsterdam.

Hendrik is 27 years old and will be going to Italy to study. A big congratulations to Hendrik, who says:

“I’m so thrilled to win the CasaSwap Student Grant, which is a great help in financing my stay abroad”



We are delighted to announce Aida Khorsandi Ardebili from University of Jyvaskyla in Finland as the recipient of the first Student Grant round of 1 July 2010. Congratulations Aida!

Here is Aida and her testimonial about the Student Grants program:

“As an Iranian student, studying in Finland, and due to my interest in German, I wished to experience living and studying in a German speaking country. There was a great opportunity there: the Erasmus Exchange program which I applied for. But I was worried about my expenses. I found the chance to get some financial help through The Student Grants program. Now I feel so lucky that I actually got the grant – and even as the first ever student getting a Student Grant! Now I can go to Germany and study confidently and without worrying. Awesome, huh?

Thanks a lot Students Grants :) ” - Aida



We thank you for all your applications and the interest in the CasaSwap Student Grants program. This only proves the fact that students all over the world are in need of financial support. We encourage all applicants to reapply for the next round of Student Grants (of course, applicants still have to be eligible for a Student Grant = you have to be a student in college, university, business school, etc.) which takes place on the 1st of every month!


Please help us spread the word about the Student Grants program: tell your university and your fellow students about the CasaSwap Student Grants program!

Kind regards,

The CasaSwap Student Grants team


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