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What is the Student Grants program?
The Student Grants program is a grant and scholarship program for students worldwide. The grant program was launched in the summer of 2010 by the founders of – a free worldwide student accommodation service.

Who can apply for a Student Grant?
Student Grants is an open funding program – the only condition for eligibility is that the applicant has to be a student currently enrolled in a higher educational institution (college, university, business school, etc.). The Student Grants team will confirm the individual grant recipients with their current university in order to verify their eligibility. If you are eligible, you may apply for as many Student Grant rounds as you want. There is a small administration fee of €2,5, in order to provide applicant support, cover general administration costs, marketing of the grant program and to prevent non-eligible applications.

How do I apply?
It is fast and easy to apply for a Student Grant: you simply fill out the online application form, and pay the small €2,5 administration fee. It only takes a few minutes and payments are handled on secure servers via PayPal.

Do I have to send additional documentation when I apply (transcripts, certificates, etc.)?
No, you simply fill out the online application form and pay the small €2,5 administration fee – that’s it! You don’t need to send any additional documentation apart from the information required in the online form.

How do you choose the applicant receiving a student grant?
We choose the applicant based on who has given us the best motivation to apply for a student grant. Therefore, make sure you write a good and honest motivation when you apply.

I cannot pay with a credit card – how can I then pay the €2,5 administration fee?
If you can’t pay by using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.) you have to create a PayPal account and transfer the money, either via your PayPal account or via the feature called “eCheck” which is basically just a normal bank transfer. It is completely secure and very easy.

I still can’t pay the administration fee – what can I do?
Unfortunately, some countries are not supported by PayPal (for instance Nigeria and other African countries). We are working on introducing alternative ways of payment. Due to high transaction costs, we cannot receive payments by normal bank transfers or wire transfers.

When will there be Student Grant donations?
The Student Grants funding program will donate a grant every month. The students receiving a grant will be notified directly and will also be published on the website, under “Student Grant Recipients”.

Please note, that the application deadline is on the first of every month (if you want to apply for the round with a deadline on the 1st of October, you have to apply before midnight on the 1st of October at the latest. If your application does not meet the deadline, you will participate in the following months round of the Student Grants program.

Where can I find the previous Student Grant recipients?
You can find some of the students who have previously received a Student Grant right here

I have applied for a grant but have not heard anything yet – what do I do?
We contact the grant recipients directly via email. There, it’s important that you check your email (make sure to check your spam-filter too!).
We also announce the grant recipients on our website – so make sure to check the website regularly. If you have not heard anything, you did not receive a student grant.

How big are the Student Grant donations?
A Student Grant donation is a one-time donation of 1000 Euros (approximately 1300 USD).

Where can I apply for a Student Grant?
You can apply right here – please remember to fill out all fields of information and to write a good motivation.

How/when will I know who receives a grant?
We usually announce the recipients within 5-10 business days after each application deadline. However, sometimes it takes a little longer to verify the eligibility of the recipients. We contact the recipients directly via email and also announce the recipient on the website, under Student Grant Recipients.

How come there is an administration fee?
The small €2,5 administration fee is used to secure a high level of support, to market and promote the Student Grants program, and to prevent applications from non-eligible applicants. Also, we hope to be able to increase both the frequency and the size of the Student Grant donations in the future.

Can I apply for a Student Grant even though I receive other kinds of funding/grants/scholarships?
Yes, you can apply even though you receive other funding sources (e.g. Erasmus grants, other private grant programs, etc.). As long as you are a student currently enrolled in a higher educational institution you can apply for a Student Grant.

I am a student studying abroad – can I still apply for a Student Grant?
Yes, you can apply even if you are a student studying abroad.

I have already graduated but would like to take my masters degree abroad. Can I still apply?
Yes, if you have been accepted into a Masters degree program abroad you can apply for a grant. The important thing is that you are currently enrolled in a college, university, business school, etc.

I am a PhD-student. Am I eligible to apply for a grant?
Yes, we also accept applications from PhD-students.

Please be advised that the Student Grants program assumes no responsibility in terms of payment of taxes, VAT or any other kinds of duties. If you receive a grant from the Student Grants program you have the sole responsibility for payment of any such taxes, VAT or duties applicable in your country and which becomes due from you receiving a grant from the Student Grants program.


Any questions or comments?
Please read this FAQ first. Due to a high level of interest and applicant support, we can only answer questions from Student Grant applicants. After you apply, you are welcome to contact us: Click here

Please note: The Student Grants program reserves the right not to reply to questions already answered here in the FAQ section.


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